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The TechLink team has released four alternatives for the future of TRAX - each designed to improve east-west service in Salt Lake City and enhance regional connectivity. Check out the alternatives below and provide input by clicking the "Give Feedback" button next to each map.

Alternative 1

(Baseline Concept- Future of Light Rail)

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png

Orange Line

  • New TRAX Orange Line would provide direct access from the Salt Lake City International Airport to the University of Utah

  • New Orange Line would provide service to Research Park

Red Line

  • Realign existing TRAX Red Line to serve Granary District via 400 West to Ballpark Station

Green/Blue Line

  • Operational changes to TRAX system (no new infrastructure required)

  • Green Line will terminate at Salt Lake Central (currently terminates at the SL International Airport)

  • Blue Line will terminate at the SL International Airport (currently terminates at Salt Lake Central Station)

Next Steps

Each alternative will be measured against a set of metrics to evaluate how well it meets the established purpose and need of the Study. This process is called Screening. This quantitative analysis, paired with public feedback, will determine a Preferred Alternative that would be advanced for additional analysis and design. The screening criteria for the alternatives are listed in the table below. 

Alternatives Table (1).png
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